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    Writing Pressure

    The low tire pressure light appeared three days ago.  The reminder nudges. Distracting me, until I add a trip to Discount Tire onto my to-do list. My laptop is open. A blank white page waiting. The cursor blinking and opens…

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    Procrastination is a survival tactic I utilize often to avoid hard things. So, when I read You Are Enough, by Positive Writer I accepted it as a sign to move forward…or sideways… or anywhere other than remaining stagnant within my…

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    My Best Version of Me

      What is the best version of me? Who is the version I hold close? Why does this image cause my heart to race? I realized parts of myself have been wept under layers of time and self preservation, but…

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    I’m scared. There. It’s out. Writer hibernation isn’t good for the soul. Or the mind.  This post is my first step in moving past the fear of losing a part of myself. Posting my fear is not a ploy to…

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    Embarking on an Old Habit

    Embarking on an old habit is as daunting as beginning a new one. I feel awkward and my mouth is dry, as if it were filled with cotton and my fingers freeze as they hover over the keyboard. It’s been…

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    It’s Not a Game…It’s Called Life

    Last year was a transition year. I decided to continue my college education, accepted  the evolution into my 40’s(or tried to) and reluctantly recovered from my Italy hangover. I survived 2016 and admitted to myself that transition is inevitable. It's not a game; it's called…

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    Under the Influence

    Writing under the influence is probably not the wisest thing to do, but I guess that depends of who you ask. I've been home from our Italy trip for a little over two months and while I stepped back into the routine of my…

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    Chasing Forty

    I was not chasing forty with grace. Discontent on where I was in my life, I admitted that forty was actually the aggressor. Forty was chasing me.

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    Once upon a time, I believed.  I believed sleep lost during mid-night feedings, colic, and mysterious baby ailments would be waiting for me on the other side of toddler-hood. I believed that my long-lost minutes of sleep would be returned. Then, as each child entered their pre-teen…

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    Lessons of Patience and Perfection

    Lessons of patience and perfection float between the world of routine and forgotten memories. Wispy threads of Deja vu' tickle our senses. If we are lucky, a memory stakes its claim. Battling the threadbare visions of last night’s dream leave tender scars. Lingering out of…