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    Chasing Forty

    I was not chasing forty with grace. Discontent on where I was in my life, I admitted that forty was actually the aggressor. Forty was chasing me.

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    Reflections shimmer, showcasing the child born of a couple, married young. Loved and trusting. Her blonde hair curls softly. A cascade of ringlets, shaped by her mother’s hand. Pretty cotton dresses decorate. Shyness sits in deep brown eyes, shaded by heavy lashes. Sitting in the future…

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    New Habits vs. the Old

    Today finds me sitting in a coffee shop, listening to the buzz. Students rushing in before class, some customers squinting at their laptop screens, while others hover together sharing tales of their life. Plugging in my ear buds, I soften the noises around me. Ed Sheeran…

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    Conquering Stage Fright

    Stage fright is a master of disguise that has been perfected over many centuries of existence. Quite similar to the survival of the cockroach. If not conquered it definitely multiplies and creates an infestation of disappointment. It starts small; an annoying, nagging feeling that churns deep…

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    Simply Being

    There are moments when I sit and wonder. Releasing my mind. Allowing it to wander. Pondering questions of  events that occurred a few hours before. Or possibly questions that have been evolving for years. Simply being stubborn. Allowing the past to take up space.…

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    Hiking with Family 101

    With vacation behind us, I plugged in the camera's SIM card and watched the photos jump into my computer. Smiling faces, funny poses, and the beautiful presence of our family are now documented and preserved. I promised a glimpse at our…

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    Beauty in Life

    Opening my eyes to the beauty in life is not enough.  My mind and heart need to be open, as well. Once this is posted, I will be knee-deep in Spring Break Madness. Craziness will indeed be taking place, as my…

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    Why I Use Scrivener

    Suffering from allergy-induced fuzziness, bronchitis and multiple trips to the doctor did not make for a happy person or productive writing. Hibernating and hiding from the cedar pollen and germs seemed like the ideal solution, but that route is not in the…