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    Chasing Forty

    I was not chasing forty with grace. Discontent on where I was in my life, I admitted that forty was actually the aggressor. Forty was chasing me.

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    Reflections shimmer, showcasing the child born of a couple, married young. Loved and trusting. Her blonde hair curls softly. A cascade of ringlets, shaped by her mother’s hand. Pretty cotton dresses decorate. Shyness sits in deep brown eyes, shaded by heavy lashes. Sitting in the future…

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    New Beginnings

    Diva was dropped off first. She walked ahead, confident and dressed in her new clothes. Her blonde hair, straight and thick, shined in the morning sun. My fingers itched to check for invisible tangles. But, I resisted. I secretly snapped…

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    Conquering Stage Fright

    Stage fright is a master of disguise that has been perfected over many centuries of existence. Quite similar to the survival of the cockroach. If not conquered it definitely multiplies and creates an infestation of disappointment. It starts small; an annoying, nagging feeling that churns deep…

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    Simply Being

    There are moments when I sit and wonder. Releasing my mind. Allowing it to wander. Pondering questions of  events that occurred a few hours before. Or possibly questions that have been evolving for years. Simply being stubborn. Allowing the past to take up space.…

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    Clarity in Acceptance

    The New Year has been quiet. Allowing moments of clarity. Days of reflection. Minutes of acceptance. And if the kids weren’t home, a few hours of peace. Whispers and echoes of past resolutions bugged me for the first few days of…

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    Life Happens for a Reason

    This week we dive into holiday festivities, delicious food, and memories of holidays past. Traditions wrap themselves securely around my household, reminding me that my kids are growing up. Soon it will be their turn to host holiday dinners and begin…

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    Sifting through the Weeds

    I’ll admit, my energy has shifted a bit. While focusing more on the craft of my novel writing, I have neglected my blogging. I promised myself that I will continue to post through the challenges. My goal for this blog is be honest.  To showcase how…