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Spring Break Ideas in New Braunfels

As most of the nation is already in Spring Break mode, I have 1 more week until it hits my house. One more week, until my wonderful children are with me 24/7.

Can you feel my excitement oozing out of your screen?

Truthfully, my children are wonderful (most of the time).  They each inherited a sarcastic sense of humor which keeps me laughing. It seems they never stop talking, eating, or loving life –  giving me plenty of writing material.

So, I count my blessings.


Heart for post

Our biggest dilemma is finding activities to keep them busy. Something that makes us ALL happy.  The pressure is on. The clock is ticking. And it is my job to find something to keep the little darlings occupied.

When my friend and fellow blogger, Laura Hallam, wrote Top 10 Reasons Kids Love New Braunfels, I was so excited!  Spotlighting the local hotspots that kids love, in our home town, was a brilliant idea.

Besides being a friend, Laura is a local realtor and mom to two of the sweetest girls. I am extremely grateful that I can share her wisdom with you. Her advice and opinions are ones I trust.  Hands down.

So, if you are looking for something to do during Spring Break and you’d like to see what New Braunfels has to offer, check out Laura’s suggestions.

Have fun, be safe and maybe I will see you around town!



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