Prep Work

Creating my own space has been challenging.  Physically and mentally, I have been dredging the trenches. Prep work sucks.  I have combed through and cleared out the clutter of negativity and stress. Mentally preparing  myself to write words that will be read by others has proved to be daunting.  Adding layers to my emotional walls has taxed all […]

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Getting a Little Help

  Wearing the same yoga pants as yesterday, I make my way  through the school drop off without incident.  My logic for donning the day old yoga pants: No one sees the bottom half of me anyways. The car door, my ally, hides my secret. Another secret: I thrive on organization and creativity. But I suck at both, when they attack […]

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Weathering Life

 I took a walk today. A friend and I decided that we needed an adventure and a bit of exercise. Stepping away from the bustling coffee shop, we donned our cameras and set out for the unknown. After several good shots and great conversation, we came upon a bench.  It sat alone and forgotten, tucked back in the trees. Camouflaged from the […]

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A New Mindset With A Side Dish of Existing Reality

New Mindset

Each day is new, but always includes our existing reality from yesterday.

Every minute is a chance to live, but it is also another opportunity to improve our mindset.

As many do, I find myself buried under the weight of life. Of the possibilities that get swept under the rug once my head hits the pillow. Of the thoughts that always invade when I close my eyes.

My mind’s switch is broken. Never obeying my instructions when I scream “Lights out”. Kind of like my children, but we won’t go there.

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Me, Myself, and a Million Uninvited Ideas

As a writer, I argue with my own thoughts constantly. There are times when I don’t know which ideas are good and which are bad.

I portray a totally different thought process…… depending on my moods. On bad days, I want to give up and burn every piece of writing that I have. On good days, I want to sing so loud that everyone can hear me. Then there are the mediocre days. These are the days, when I feel lost but still have enough strength to find my way out.

This past Saturday, I experienced a bad and a mediocre day. All within a time span of a few hours.

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Losing the "Me" in "Mom-me"

Two weeks ago, I reached an end.

The end of my Summer Patience.

Yes, I gave it a name, because patience of any type deserves a title. I have been neglecting my blog and writing. Primarily due to the constant attention my children seem to need with their 24/7 presence in my house. With me. ALL day.

With chauffeuring them to and from BFE, shopping and packing for camps, visiting museums, applying suntan lotion to wiggling bodies, checking out countless library books (and paying the fines because we forget to return them on time)…….I was done.

Approximately 80 days……. 1,920 hours of togetherness. I was well past done.

Below is an excerpt of a journal entry that I penned when my Summer Patience began to show cracks in its pretty, shiny suntanned surface.

I am not writing this to get sympathy, or encouragement that summer will end (because it will!). I am sharing this to showcase another part of my life. Another part of me that most don’t see.

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