Connections within a support system is essential in maintaining motivation. Sharing my thoughts and ideas with others was scarier than _______ (insert worst fear here!) , but meeting others who were facing the same fears helped.

Below are some links to resources I have found helpful.

My first RWA Convention -2014

Associations focused on Writing


Writer’s League of Texas (WLT) 

Romance Writer’s  of America (RWA)

San Antonio Romance Authors (SARA)


Taken at the top of Hancock HIll in Alpine, Texas. Writer's League Retreat 2015

Guest Blogging


By networking, I was able to make a few connections that lead to guest blogging.

So, get out there and meet people in the writing/blogging field.

You never know what will happen.

Look at these fabulous blogs and maybe find things that influence you!


the 30 things: Moment of Insanity: Facing the Reality of an Abusive Marriage

Pace: Life is a Marathon : Unlocking my Dream in BFE

Great Moments in Parenting: The Rising and Setting of Parenthood

Great Moment in Parenting Moments: The Moment When My Children’s Fashion Sense Blindsided Me