Writing Connections

Connections within a support system is essential in maintaining motivation. Sharing my thoughts and ideas with others was scarier than _______ (insert worst fear here!) , but meeting others who were facing the same fears helped.

Below are some links to resources I have found helpful.

My first RWA Convention -2014

 Guest Blogging

By networking, I was able to make a few connections that lead to guest blogging.

So, get out there and meet people in the writing/blogging field - you never know what will happen.

the 30 things: Moment of Insanity: Facing the Reality of an Abusive Marriage

Pace: Life is a Marathon : Unlocking my Dream in BFE

Great Moments in Parenting: The Rising and Setting of Parenthood

Great Moment in Parenting Moments: The Moment When My Children’s Fashion Sense Blindsided Me