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Not a Game…

Last year was a transition year. I decided to continue my college education, accepted  the evolution into my 40’s(or tried to) and reluctantly recovered from my Italy hangover. I survived 2016 and admitted to myself that transition is inevitable. It's not a game; it's called life.

Going into 2017, I wanted to be more honest with myself and I heard the comfort of my blog beckoning me.  So, here I am for the first time in 4 months.

Life: Straightforward, Simple Fulfillment

That’s my motto (as of right now). 

Wiggling my toes in the depths of my comfort zone, I savor the warmth of security yet shiver at the pending change each day brings.  Deciding a path - whether it dealt with my education, my writing, or the unknown - weighs heavily upon my shoulders. Mainly because I don't know where it’ll lead. The road map for my future has yet to be written and ultimately, I am responsible for this task.

Writing "goals" is a habit of mine. Following them...not so much.


The first draft of my goals included a lot of “wants” and after some gentle, mental prodding from my therapist (yes, last year required professional aid), I began thinking in terms of “I will” and immediately the overwhelming list shortened, making my intended path less daunting.

Final Goal List for 2017

1.)    I will complete 6 courses (12 credits) toward my Bachelor’s degree.

2.)    I will publish 1 blog post a month.

3.)    I will submit a piece to Listen to Your Mother-Austin

4.)   I will complete the 1st Draft of a story.

5.)    I will be present in my daily life and honest with myself.

At the time of the posting, the second and third goals are already checked off and this does amazing things for my motivation. Submitting to LTYM has been on my list for 3 years. thousand and ninety-five days of dust and  denial were piled upon this hefty objective. And.. since this post was originally drafted in January, I applied a tick mark to number 2. 🙂

Number 4 is a bit vague, but its purpose is to serve as an anchor; especially when life becomes complicated and tedious. I refer to it daily.

This post serves a purpose. A start. An aggressive shove to DO instead of continuing along the passive trail of 2016. The writer in me likes to hide behind daily agendas, but publishing my first post for 2017 clears the path I have chosen to navigate.