to my new home.....4

My blog, Pen, Paper & Parenthood was my ground floor; my starting point in 2014.  I created it as a place to share writing dreams, roller coaster experiences with raising three children, and also how I was coping with our move to the country.

While hiding behind the computer screen, I stepped outside my fear and published over 70 posts in over two years time.  I kept studying the craft of writing and reading hundreds of fiction novels.

Since the creation of Pen, Paper & Parenthood, there's been a shift in my writing focus causing me to rethink my purpose.

Was I blogging to share my experiences as a mother who's wanting to write? Or did I need to shake things up and concentrate on being a Writer, who so happens to be a Mom?

Both are important,  but this whole blogging thing started out as an adventure. And what fun is an adventure if you don't go anywhere, right?


As you can see, I chose to keep hiking the steep mountains of a writer's paradise, packed up my 70+ blogs and unpacked them here.  I also included writing connections/links  and a private niche for a bookshelf  where I share some of my favorite reads.

Take a look around while I go hide somewhere and overanalyze my decisions. 🙂