Welcome to my new Home!

Pen, Paper & Parenthood was my ground floor; my starting point. In 2014, I created the blog to share writing dreams, my roller coaster experiences with raising three children, and also how I was coping with our move to the country - all while declaring "I'm going to be a writer!" to the world.

Ok, maybe I only whispered the declaration at first. To myself. While hiding in my closet with a bottle of wine...BUT, eventually I stepped outside my fear and my closet. I kept hitting publish on each blog and studying craft. I kept moving forward.

Over time, there was been a shift in my writing focus and I saw an opportunity to make this "move".  Don't worry though, the blog has been unpacked and will continue here in my new home, along with  a comfy spot for writing connections/links  and a private niche for a bookshelf  where I share some of my favorite reads.

Hopefully, my words here will encourage others to not shy away from their dreams and find their own starting point.