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Simply Being

There are moments when I sit and wonder. Releasing my mind. Allowing it to wander. Pondering questions of  events that occurred a few hours before.

Or possibly questions that have been evolving for years. Simply being stubborn. Allowing the past to take up space.

Watching trees sway in the breeze, I feel invisible reminders gliding across my skin.  Quickly carried away, as fast as they appeared.

Basking in the warmth of sunlight upon my eyelids.  Watching dreams, as if my mind were playing a slide show. Meshing past, present and the future. My own personal slide show.


Doing nothing, but simply being present is strenuous to a mind that never sleeps. One that never likes to stop.  Being patient and allowing myself to simply be, is the greatest gift. Also, it is my greatest obstacle.

Simply being in the moment can make all the difference in my mood. Whether it's a smile from my children, a "Thank You' from a kind stranger, or just listening to the sounds of life living around me - it all makes a difference.

Each day I remind myself to take it all in. To cherish Simply Being.


What are your obstacles to Simply Being? Do you have a way to overcome them?




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