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The Gift Series – No DNA Required (Thank you # 3)

Author’s Note:

This is the 3rd story in the series.
If you missed the earlier posts, please take a look back at  The Shoes and Life Deserves to be Lived.


I have had friendships that required so much work, that I was exhausted making my sure my ramblings wouldn’t piss them off. Repairs were constantly being made to fix hurt feelings. Adjustments and patching up bad spots, were never ending. These relationships are too exhausting and with age, I have learned that sometimes it’s best to let those ones go. Much like a little child losing their balloon, I released these burdens watching as they floated into the sky.  

We are all guilty of not displaying 100% of ourselves. Hiding under too many layers.

Scared that we may be viewed harshly or judged because of our mistakes. There are a special few that see us, as we truly are….for ourselves…nothing more…nothing less. There are no pedestals, no competitions. Just a way of life and the acceptance of all flaws. 

I have no siblings in the natural, text book sense. I don’t know about sibling rivalry or what it was like to share my parent’s attention. This being said, 3 perfect women found their way into my heart and I call them my sisters to this day. Maybe fate played a part. Maybe it was just logistics.  So I will forever thank destiny and the map they used to find a way into my life.

My way of life is mine. These women understand who I am and have never tried to change me. CRACKED

From the inside out, nothing is too scary for them to handle. On my hardest days, they form a protective cloak around me. During my happiest times, they stand up and cheer. They are my laughs, my reality checks, and closest confidants. Most times a look between us is enough… words need to be said. These woman came into my life. Each giving my soul depth and a reason to believe.



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One started so many years ago, when we were very young. If anyone can steer me away from my imaginary cliff, it would be her and she would never have to say a word. For thirty-three years we have been stuck like glue. We survived stinky bus rides to school, cheese ball fights, and our failure at parallel parking.  There is never a doubt our bond rises and sets with our version of an everlasting Neon Moon.


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Another formed by pure coincidence. She is quiet and cautious to those she doesn’t know. She protects those she holds dear…….it makes me glad to be on her good side. We share our annoyances and laugh through the pain. We share a sister in this world as well, and I proudly call her my “Hit Man”.

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This third woman, took her sweet time, but eventually showed up. For twelve years she has experienced life right alongside me. She is a force to be reckoned with and finally convinced me that my dreams can become a reality. She is the cheese to my cracker and she does not take any of my shit. 



Today is dedicated these 3 extraordinary women who are sewn into my life and for some reason, have found me interesting enough to stick around. Their wisdom, snarky comments, and optimism keep me afloat.  They know when I need laughter to brighten my bad days…they have seen me down and out but have never judged.

There is no blood shared, no common DNA. Just a bond that is nurtured, allowing it to grow stronger every day.