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Celebrating A Gift In My Life

A birthday is upon us. It's a day of celebrating. To call the person. To visit. Meet for lunch. To hug and whisper "Happy Birthday" in their ear as you hold them tight.

Cake. Ice Cream. Candles blazing. Begging to be blown out.

But, what happens once that person is no longer alive? What happens when the only thing you wish for is to be able to hug them one last time?

There are people who deserve another candle.  Such a simple symbol that is taken for granted. That is, until there are no more to add.

No cake. No chance to tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Today's post is dedicated to a true constant in my life. He was my North Star.

Always present. Always strong. Always forgiving. I said goodbye to him on February 22, 2013.  My Granddaddy would have been 83 today. Happy Birthday, Granddaddy.

Last year I wrote this. For him. For his memory. For myself.  For the candles that remain forever burning.


The Gift He Gave


Your shoes were always perfectly polished.

Leather gleaming.

 No matter brown or black….they always shined.

I do not remember ever seeing your bare feet.

Your shoes were always on and never failed to look brand new

When we would meet.

Those shoes are not my favorite memory of you,

Only a constant, familiar piece of the puzzle from my youth.

A piece that made you……You.

Pressed pants and classic shirts.

Always put together, whether a

Holiday, lunch, or a weekday visit. A sight of pure confidence.


Maybe this was the military background…..

Maybe it was from your youth.

My certainty was - I loved you.


As a young girl,

I would hear stories

Of corn fields....of Naval Ships…of your childhood in Iowa.


Sitting next to you,

Not always wise enough to learn.

You would share of times that you endured.

Memories of life on a farm

With no paved roads…..hiking to school,

Through the rain, sleet and snow.


Eventually I learned you lived only a block away,

But I never cared because this was just your way.

I wondered what shoes you wore back then.

I should have inquired at that time.


To learn more about the man,

Who loved me without end.


They say a man’s shoes are a reflection of him.

I always saw

Perfection……love…..a boundless devotion.

You possessed a shine

That never dulled with time.


During our final visit,

You knew that your time was near.

I could tell by your words

And your effort to make clear,

That you were proud of me. Of who I had become.


I know one day my eyes will witness

That shine again.

Please don't worry when l hold on tight. I have just missed you......

 A true gift in my life.