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Embrace the Sweetness

A few years ago, I read the Slammed Series, by Colleen Hoover.  After reading the first book by her, I became an instant fan. Devouring everything she wrote.

In this particular series, there are scenes where the characters discuss the “Suck and Sweet” moments from their day.  It had become their tradition. They shared their day – no matter how good or bad it may have been.

Until this blog came to life, I had never intentionally sat down and shared my failures. And my happy moments were shared in passing. By hiding my faults and downplaying my successes, I lost a part of myself.

Sweets should be shouted with pride. Happiness is infectious.

Sucks should be shared, so we can release its toxicity that festers inside us.

Embrace the Bad
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We often choose to live IN the Suck Days, instead of living THROUGH them.

I am guilty of this.

My focus tends to gravitate and concentrate on the Suck Days. Allowing them to define my general mood. Which means the entire family is subjected to my wrath.

On the most suckiest of days,  I wish I could wander through Target with no concept of time. Forever lost in the aisles, sipping my latte and munching on popcorn.

One could live in Target, if necessary. And Suck Days make Target necessary.

Sadly, this is not a reality.

Photo Credit: Flickr
Photo Credit: Flickr

Sweet moments happen without much notice.  Hugs, laughter, the perfection of a morning sunrise, or simply having someone else (besides you) replace the empty toilet paper roll.

These are realities. (Well, maybe not the toilet paper example – but you get my point.)

Our Sweet moments are taken for granted. Gobbled up like candy and then forgotten when the next dessert is placed in front of us.

It’s time to slow down, embrace all the moments in life. No matter how sucky or sweet they may be.



*  If you get a moment, check out Colleen Hoover’s book selections on her website.