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Just Another Day in Normal

Chauffeured both kids to school.

Came back home.

And sat.

 I’m still in my pajama pants and sweat shirt. Hair shoved up into a baseball cap.

Enjoying my morning view…..


The To-Do list that never seems to end.

  • The laundry needs to be separated. Then washed. Then folded. (Repeat)
  •   I have colonies of dust bunnies living in my home. Meghan always wanted a bunny….
  •    I have not dared to venture into the kid’s rooms in 3 days. I may just close their doors.
  • The dogs have shredded yet another pet bed, spreading a nice layer of fluff over the porch.
  •     I have a school performance in an hour. If I miss this, I am definitely not getting that mother of the year award.
  •   To shower or not to shower, that is the question.
  •    A dentist appointment is set for this afternoon. I wonder what they will find wrong THIS time.


  •          Husband is working late……..cereal sounds like an awesome choice for dinner
    •       (Note to self: this may be part of the reason you dropped out of the mother of the year race.)
  •        Am I the only one who sees the crap sitting on the stairs? Apparently……    A cookie is breakfast food…..Yes, I think
  •      Where’s my caffeine?……Wait….. Do we have any?! Call 9-1-1!!!!
With so many thoughts rambling through my head, I wonder how other parents deal with their “normal”? How do they keep it all straight? How can one person keep everything together, perfectly planned to ensure every one’s happiness and avoid a meltdown? Mostly my meltdown…..
I am not delusional. I know other parents feel the strain of the everyday routine. But when you are by yourself sitting in your kitchen, it seems that you are alone, sinking in a world of chaos.
 In weak moments, my checklist is enough to make me cry. At these moments, I  wonder about the families’ that deal with more serious matters.  How do they cope?




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  • txterryo

    I'm with you, sister. And I don't even know how you handle showering with two kiddos, I find it falls lower and lower on my priority list with only one!