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Chasing Fireflies

Daylight taunts me.  Brilliant, sparkling rays of light cast warmth on my back.  The outside world is calling and it is hard to ignore.

I carry on. Writing. Rewriting. Cherishing the few remaining minutes of quiet. Allowing the fireflies to breathe.

Hearing the tick-tock of the clock inside my head.  Counting down the minutes until the peacefulness evaporates.  Until the kids sneak back in and place my writing on hold.

Photo Credit: Flickr


To those who wonder what I do –  I am a writer.

It is not all I do.  But, it is part of who I am.

Some may understand this. Many, may not.

I will try to explain.

Thoughts circle through the air, as I lay down at night.  My brain works overtime, grasping ideas, even when my body needs rest. It can be infuriating, but this is who I am.

I chase my thoughts, as one would chase fireflies. Yearning to capture just one. One that will shine the brightest. Shine the longest. Survive the reality of pen and paper.

They appear out of nowhere. Small, brief reminders that the world is full of possibilities.

My words are written because I continue to embrace the power of my dreams. I will continue to chase fireflies, never wanting to end what I believe is only the beginning.

The best is yet to come because I know who I am.