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Lessons Learned From My Parents

Today I am mapping out the week that lies ahead and I hope to get a few moments of to just breathe and decompress. Secretly, I enjoy these undisturbed moments. A time out, of sorts.

One of the significant lessons, I learned from my parents.

Growing up,  my Mom and Dad had this particular habit of sitting on the back porch during the early morning hours.  It would still be dark outside, but without fail they would sip their coffee and be together.

During the school year,  I would be rushing throughout my morning. Cranky.  Running late. All the while, my parents could be found out on the back patio.  Sitting, talking, and staring out towards the sky.  Back then, I wondered why anyone would waste precious sleep time to sit outside?

That was then.

Now?  Well, I finally  get it.

After many, many - many years,  I find myself sitting on my porch watching the day begin. Sipping my coffee. Sometimes thinking. sometimes not.

Watching the Red Birds flutter through the trees. Stirring up their friends. Singing songs that only they know.  Deer usually graze 10 yards from my chair, allowing me a peek into their morning routine.

The simple act of listening to the world awaken has a soothing effect.

Today, I watch the rain drops  fall from the sky, providing a melodic symphony to those who want to listen. Thunder is rolling in, announcing its presence. Strong and loud, yet I don't move.

I don't want to.

The air has a pungent, humid heaviness to it.  I can feel it on my skin, as I settle further in my chair. Not being bothered by trivial things, I enjoy my time and quietly thank my parents.

As the rain falls, the trees seem to surround me. My own fortress, protecting me from prying eyes.  I soaking in nature's secrets. Silently knowing, it will hold on to mine.


I can still picture my parent's sitting on our  back porch. Their coffee sitting on the glass table in front of them.  Our Border Collie resting between their feet.

At times, I don't think they said word. Sometimes, they discussed their only daughter. Bewildered and baffled about who she was becoming.

Maybe they discussed their dreams for the future.  Or their plans for the day ahead.

I finally understand.  Realizing their need to relax, if only for a few minutes, Maybe this is the secret to their 40 years of marriage? (Or at least one of  many.)

As parents, we need to savor our time while we can. Recharge. Sip our coffee. Allow our minds to escape the chaos of hormonal teens, stinky sports gear, and strict time schedules.

Finding this time to myself is easier while the kids are in school.  Unfortunately, my alone time is limited - as summer is peeking out from around the corner.

Only a few more weeks until my children will be home.

All day.

With me.

Whether it is on my porch, sinking into the couch after everyone's in bed, or in the driver's seat before the mass of kids invade - I must remember to take a breather.

Enjoy the last few weeks of May everyone! Make time for you!