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Making Connections

In January of this year, I met Katie Mehnert at MOMCOM 2014.  Instant connection over my comment on her hair.  After a few minutes of chatting, we found out that our husbands work for the same company, we both loved writing and we are busy moms. An instant friendship connection made! All because of her fabulous hair!

Dream Quote Connections

I began reading her blog, Pace : Life is a Marathon and reached out to her after the conference. She offered encouragement and advice that I quickly gobbled up. Her confidence and motivation fueled my desire. After a bit of emails and phone calls, she asked me to guest blog.

A thousand thank you’s will never be enough. When she reached out and asked me to share some of my story with her readers, I could not turn this opportunity down. It is my honor to be a guest blogger on her Remarkable Women Series.

Now, this was my very first request for a guest blog. Did I KNOW how to blog successfully. To and I had just started blogging. My mind spun. Was I sure that I was a could do this? Well, I decided that I SHOULD.

So, without further a-do, may I present my first Guest Blog piece: Unlocking My Dreams in BFE.

Take a moment after reading to comment, share, post, email……or whatever you can do to help me celebrate!!


  • Katie Mehnert

    Hey. So you are so awesome. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I loved your story – so real, so genuine, and so YOU. I'm amazed at all you are doing to be YOU! Because being YOU is amazing and remarkable…and I cannot wait till we meet up again my writing friend.