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Just Writing……The Unknown

This week has greeted me with a bang. I stumbled through day one and know more experiences are ahead. I am busy playing chauffer, travel agent, and house keeper but I can never deny my urge to write. So, as I sit waiting for one of my children to finish with their day, I thought I’d share with you some of my free-writing.  Next week, I will have some more surprises for you! Keep posted.

The Unknown
The comfort of his old t-shirt, tattered and thin attempts to soothe out the wrinkles caused from the day.  Fighting my focus and battling the awareness of my beginnings. Frazzled thoughts and twinges of yearning seem to collide as a thunderstorm of chaos.
A greed nestled so deep astounds me and is why I cannot sleep.  Wrapping the blanket around me I venture outside, maybe gripping it a little too tight. A second skin yielding protection from the chill in my heart and the effects of the night. The swing creaks with each pass, as I push on. Crisp air stings my face and I stop.  Eyes closed, facing the brightness of the moon. Denying it the confession it already knows.
Scents of the night pass. Lavender, rosemary, and the scent of his cologne. Causing a whirlwind of reminders, one can never forget. A road less traveled, awaits on the other side of dawn. A mystery of curves and turns will lead into the unknown.
Leaves whisper as they scatter around this resting spot. Crickets sing in sweet harmony. A tempo of melodies, tempos, and a tune only nature can produce. A song of my own, touches a secret place and causes a yearning of home.
A silence rests as the wind takes a break. A silence defining a true meaning of wistfulness. An attempt to live on, when one has left.