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The Pen & Paper Side

Phone Pics 022014 058All of my blog posts, so far, have consisted of stories of parenthood and like situations. I find it therapeutic to share the funny stories and heartwarming tales. They are my endless source of entertainment and sometimes the foundation of my uncertainties.  But, woven between those adventures are my efforts to be a writer. Parenthood is only a third of my blog title, so today I wanted to focus on the Pen & Paper side.
When one of my writing teachers asked us to describe a color, I chose the color that always intrigued me. It’s a basic exercise, but I wanted to share this with you.  I selected  a color that expresses and represents countless objects, emotions & fantasies.  

 Red Is Within Me

I am a cardinal, brilliantly coated in red, entering your line of sight.  I breeze by and perch in a nearby  Oak Tree. Enveloped by leaves proudly boasting versions of rust, garnet, and crimson. Each leaf a composition of splendor. Engrossed in this tidal wave of splendor, you are distracted from the flamboyant energy around you. I fly away, jealous that I have lost your attention.
I’m the first thing you notice as you grab the crisp, Pink Lady Apple from your pack.  I am the suggestion of sweetness you enjoy as the juices excite your taste buds and moisten your sunburned lips. Embers flash, as I hover in the breeze.  Everyone gathers around my flames, all eyes are captivated, waiting with anticipation to view Mother Nature’s canvas.  
You unconsciously touch me, a stain caused by a night of too much merlot and dancing. I have been forever present, set from years of drying. I am a lover’s kiss, placed on your swollen lips. I am the painful, vibrant memories of ignited passion. A tidal wave that rises from your core, causing a fire where there is no escape.
I flush your cheeks. Your ruddy hands attempt to cool the heated skin, but I am also the embarrassment that makes it impossible to end. Anger, my other half, is close behind. I am flashes of unwanted words that escape with regret. I am the scarlet on your nails as they dig deep, holding onto hope.
I am the crimson memories. Seeping in visions of the darkness pooled around the wound. I am a color so intense, you are afraid I’m real.  
What color is within you?


  • Stephen

    Now that is what I wanted to see. I have to honestly say that I was a little confused as to the blog writing style and I really didn't see it working. That being said Jen…You can write girl. I am so glad that you shared this piece. I understand that we don't usually share that type of vocab and imagery, but I am so happy to see that you have that in you. I'm proud of you. If you ever want, I have a friend named David K. Gibson. He has written thousands of stories, articles and has been Editor in Chief of several national magazines. He is who my son is named after. Would be a great connection for you if you ever want to go that route for pointers on the industry or possibly a way to contribute to publications. Just a thought.

  • Blossom

    I think I may be filled with many colors! Depending on where I am in my journey. Sometimes I think the most common being green. I loved the way you explain yours. I think I may benefit from this writing exercise. Any guidelines?

  • Jennifer Preiss

    Thank you for reading this! I agree…I believe our “colors” change as we make our journey. The only advice/guidelines was to write that the color lived with YOU. Write and read what you wrote….then dig deep into yourself to find the true meaning. Then re-read……..and dig deeper.