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Why do I Write?

A messiness embedded itself in my life this week. An internal feeling of icky confusion. I have learned that this stems from my tendency to over think. Situations are made more complex when I dissect details in my head. Dwelling on each piece of information until it is raw and bleeding out in front of me.

My thought process is completely different from my husband’s. Hubby is more of an “It is what it is” man. To this day, I don’t understand how he does it.  But after 15 years of marriage, I have adapted to his ways. As he has adapted to mine. At least, enough for us co-exist with out killing one another.

The positive side to my thought process? It gives me writing material.

During a class I recently attended, I was asked, “Why do you write?”

I have twelve months of blogs explaining every angle I have, so I thought my answers would come easy. They didn’t. Ultimately, the WHY question had me thinking about my choices as a writer, blogger, and Mom. The 3 most vulnerable parts of who I am. To explain these parts of me, seemed personal. Like stripping in public. (Don’t worry! For the sake of humanity – all clothes stayed on!)

How can something so simple and straightforward be this difficult to answer? I have given thought and definition on WHAT I do. I have made initiatives on HOW I do it. All I had left to figure out was my WHY.

So,  I sat down and made a list.

My Why's?


Success is never a straight line. We veer off track by bright, shiny distractions. All the while, we ignore our reason for doing. Our WHY.

With my list, I was able to get out of my own head and find my focus.

Love for Writing. Self-Worth. Family.