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Weathering Life

 I took a walk today. A friend and I decided that we needed an adventure and a bit of exercise.

Stepping away from the bustling coffee shop, we donned our cameras and set out for the unknown.

After several good shots and great conversation, we came upon a bench.  It sat alone and forgotten, tucked back in the trees. Camouflaged from the busy street. From life. Walking closer to it, I felt myself blending in. Hidden away in its private sanctuary. We snapped a few pictures and trekked back to our cars.

Done with the outdoors and ready to start our daily routines.  Well, not really ready to…..but more out of obligation. This is  life as we know it.

Later that day, I download my pictures.  I scrolled through and stopped when the bench came into view. It’s beauty stunned me. It’s imperfections held grace. I was jealous of its ability to weather the elements and still stand strong.

Why couldn’t I weather life the same way? Each morning, I stare at the creases and lines that have carved their way onto my body. A body that I don’t recognize anymore. My rear view mirror reflects dark brown, tired eyes. I see the years I have lived etched into a face of someone I have lost track of.

Aging sucks.

I find it humorous that a simple, wooden bench could make me reflect on my body image. How can I compare the markings made from carrying my children, the weight from that extra donut, or the grey tinsel I have on my head to the stoic object on the side of the road?

It’s an object. I am a person living life at full speed.

Finding the simple beauty in life is sometimes difficult. Especially when you are faced with turmoil, sickness, or just a very bad day.

Taking a walk awakened my awareness of simple beauty. Of learning to appreciate my own story.